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あとがき / p o s t s c r i p t
I don't actually have a name for the academy, yet. Its prototype name was something to the effect of 桜の花の永遠の高等学校 ( Sakura no Hana no Eien no Koutou Gakkou, Eternity of Cherry Blossoms Senior High School ), but that was sort of plain ridiculous. Fitting, yes. But ridiculous.

Kanji will be sort of a rare thing because I'm not adept at it but it felt fitting in this scenario.

Kanji Breakdown:
真 [shin] : Truth, reality
日本人 [nihonjin] : Japanese person

Kana Breakdown:
バチ [bachi] : Used to exaggeratedly indicate an intense aura
パンツ [pantsu] : underwear/panties (the word being uttered verbally)
げけけ [gekeke] : Weird laughing

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