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あとがき / p o s t s c r i p t
Saruwatari Miki ( さるわたり みき ) is a completely new character. She didn't even exist in the first season, though there was a "Mimi" in the prototype 0th season that may or may not have evolved into her. I had a tough time figuring out her name and her design. I was tempted to call her Shiriko (basically, Butt Child) in protest.

The nickname "saru-saru" is meant to be a quasi-insult, as the word for "monkey" can be pronounced [saru]. Miki is either oblivious to or depressedly accepting of it.

Kana Breakdown:
は [ha] : Gasping/panting for breath
ドッタア [dottaa] : Used as a sound effect for a dull, lifeless thud

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