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あとがき / p o s t s c r i p t
And introducing another two characters: Seiko's "younger" brother Arikawa Senou ( ありかわ セノウ ), and a new classmate, Furukawa Daiya ( ふるかわ だいや ). Daiya is completely new, never existing prior to this reboot series.

Fun fact: Senou's given name is written in katakana as opposed to hiragana because it was an "invented" name. It's a corruption of the transliteration for the English "snow" (スノー).
Technically, I believe "Senou" does exist as a genuine surname and can be scribed in kanji as 瀬能.

Kana Breakdown:
ガラッ [gara] : Used as a sound effect for sliding a door open.

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